Ukrainian Lucht Festival All Days Unlimited

1 - 3 Dec Unlimited Entrance


€15,00 per person


6h  –  7h

About this experience

1 Dec 11:00-18:00

2 Dec 11:00-18:00

3 Dec 11:00-17:00

You get unlimited access - you can come any day any time, leave and come back again.

Traditional food - sweet and savoury varenyky, syrnyky,  borsch, different pancakes, holubtsy, chicken Kyiv, traditional desserts and so much more.

Ukrainian fashion and lifestyle brands. Christmas and Sinterklaas is coming! Surprise your friends and family this year - buy them presents Made in Ukraine. You can buy women, men and kids clothes, jewellery, accessories, items for your home, sweets from Ukraine and a lot more.

Live Music, DJ's

Free workshops and entertainment for any age

Free Kids Club - professional animators will keep your kids busy

Tickets for kids under 12 are FREE.


Online unlimited ticket - €12

Ticket on the days of event - €15.


Tickets are non-refundable, even in case of no-show.

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